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Date: Wednesday 16th October

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Friday's Weather

Max: 28°C (82°F)
Min: 13°C (55°F)
Wind: South Easterly
Wind Speed: 8mph
Pressure: 1017mb
Sunrise: 05:06 BST
Sunset: 21:02 BST

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Week Ending Friday 28th June · By Ray French

Yes, another implant of 3,000+ quality Rainbows went in a couple of days ago adding to similar stockings over the last couple of weeks. There is now a good head of top quality fish, including some 'lumps' that should provide excellent sport as we drift into July. I say should because this week it has been far from easy with every day different. Some days it has been relatively easy and on other's extremely difficult and judging by media reports across the country this seems to have been very much the norm. At Bewl we have of course had a lot of sun which has often been accompanied by the almost inevitable breeze... ...rarely a winning formular. The good news is that over the weekend and into next week the weather is likely to cool with an increase of cloud. That, I am sure will make a significant difference to the fishing especially with the amount of stock the Main Bowl now holds

The Fishing

This week the fish have been moving up and down in the water a lot more, depending on the sun, cloud and where the fry are. The problem has been more of depth than location and to this effect the Any Method rods have done better than the Fly boys. They have been able to adapt better to changing light conditions switching from bait to spinners when there is cloud as the fish come up in the water. Whereas the sun tends to put them down a bit, they become more lethargic and more amenable to a suspended bait. Having said that the water temperature today was not excessive at 17°C and there is no reason yet for the fish to go deep as they often do in the height of summer. As I said earlier the return of some cloud and less wind will kick start them off, hopefully tomorrow


At the moment the fish are well spread out although I suspect the majority will be in the area of water as far as you can see from the landing stage. There have been more reported catches from the top of Hook Straight and parts of Bewl Straight but the most consistent area has been the main Bowl. There has been a lot of fish on and around the main Dam, around the Playground area and seeking fry out in the middle as well as the ever consistent Chingley peninsular. For the Fly boys there are as always two main options. Drift fish on the drogue and search a lot of water, ideal in cloud and ripple when the Trout are likely to be high in the water. Or in sun and/or wind, go to a favourite spot or known fish holding area and anchor. This will allow you to fish slower and at various depths on the basis that the fish will find you. As far as set up I would still recommend starting on the 'Washing Line' using a 3-fly leader with a small white Fry type Booby on point, Hopper or Pearl Cormorant on middle dropper and small coloured Blob on top dropper