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Date: Wednesday 16th October

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Week Ending Friday 14th June · By Ray French

This past week has been very much a matter of Feast or Famine, with a lot of rods doing well and equally others have been seen to struggle. As always, success has depended a lot on the weather which overall has not been too bad with a reasonable mixture of cloud and sun

On Sunday, Bewl Water resident fishing Club, Bewl Bridge Flyfishers', held their annual pairs boat competition which was a success with 20 fly anglers catching 45 Trout

The majority of anglers started at the top of Hook Straight where those that had practiced had found fish on Saturday, many followed them and did well. However, after the mid day lunch break the top of Hook did not fish and a few went to the Main Bowl including the pair that came second. One or two boats had gone straight to the Bowl in the morning and fished drifting into the Dam, including the winning pair. It had also fished well

All the fish were taken in the top two feet of water on floating and sink tip lines with apparently most coming to to Orange Tequila and Candy Fab flies. Not a lot on Boobies and very little to naturals i.e. Nymphs, Buzzers and Dries

The event was organised and these salient points forwarded to me by BBFC Competition Manager John Benford

From Tuesday this week there has been a lot of fish showing especially early morning in the flat calm before any wind and on Wednesday with plenty of cloud there were rising fish just about everywhere you could see from the lodge. Especially out from Hook House down towards the cages. The fish were well spread out and covering a large area

For a change this week the Fly rods have probably faired better than the Any Method lads and much of that is due to the Trout have been feeding high in the water

Not only on the Pin Fry but also on micro flies hatching and natural debris trapped in the surface film

There have also been some large shoals of Perch chasing the Pin Fry, obvious by moving patches of turbulent water. These frenzied activities have also included Trout

On Wednesday, George Baker and I cast into a couple of these fast moving patches in the Bowl and caught Perch and Trout alternatively. Great Fun


There is always disappointment in not catching, it happens to us all and it is easy to blame the fishery for lack of action. But often it can be down to natural mitigating reasons, lack of experience or just bad luck. Every day or part of the day is different. That's fishing, and why I started this report by saying the fishing has been Feast or Famine it has been like that of late. However if you have struggled take heart

Bewl showed evidence this week, especially on Wednesday by the number of trout showing, that it is still holding a good head of fish. It is now down to us to find out, not so much where but how to catch them