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2023 Club Closed Boat Competition

The 2023 Club Closed Boat Competition is still open for registration for members wishing to participate. Please see the Boat Competition page for details

Upcoming Event
BBFC Invitation Match - The Grand Max

Date: Wednesday 18th October

Tuesday's Weather

Min: 9°C (49°F)
Wind: North Easterly
Wind Speed: 8mph
Pressure: 1023mb
Sunset: 21:09 BST

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Events & Competition Diary

We are in no doubt that without fly fishing competitions the fishing at many reservoirs would 'feel the pinch'. We believe Bewl Water falls into this camp. It is important therefore that organisers continue to book Bewl for their fly fishing events. Fortunately Bewl's summer calendar reflects continued support from both large sponsored event organisers and the many smaller bands of brothers who create regular events

Note: International Rules Competitions - Overall fly size 24mm and hook size 16mm maximum

Diary of Events

Wednesday 18th OctoberBBFC Invitation Match - The Grand Max

* Dates correct at time of publishing. New dates or corrections will be added as we receive them